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Speed Up Magento 2 – 8 Tips To Follow

Among a large number of various CMS’s available on the market, image optimization for Magento given that its creation in 2008, Magento has actually come a long way in constantly engaging in improvement. Nothing is best, and even Magento 2 has some disadvantages. The most considerable downside of Magento 2 is its speed. Nowadays, theContinue reading “Speed Up Magento 2 – 8 Tips To Follow”

Manage Tickets With the Magento Support Ticket Extension

You can manage tickets with Magento via the admin panel, but you need to create an account first. There are two buttons at the top of the page. Click the first one and you will be prompted to fill out the form. Then, select the type of ticket you want to create, as well asContinue reading “Manage Tickets With the Magento Support Ticket Extension”

How To Optimize Images In Magento?

The good news is that learning how to optimize images will not only make your site look better – it should also help speed it up. On an ecommerce site, images play a huge role in loading times and page speed, as well as overall appearance. Optimizing your images should also boost your conversion rates,Continue reading “How To Optimize Images In Magento?”

The Benefits of a Magento Support Contract

A Magento support contract is a type of service contract for a web development company. It details the hours and tasks to be performed each month and ensures that your e-commerce site runs smoothly. This is ideal for businesses with limited technical resources. You can tap into the timebank anytime you need help. This serviceContinue reading “The Benefits of a Magento Support Contract”

Magento Marketplace Support Makes Selling Products and Services Easier

In case you adored this information along with you desire to receive more information with regards to Magento support generously go to our webpage. The Magento Marketplace is a marketplace for selling products and services and is designed with both sellers and buyers in mind. This plugin makes it easy for you to add, edit,Continue reading “Magento Marketplace Support Makes Selling Products and Services Easier”

Custom Magento Theme Advantages For Magento

We extremely advise going with a custom-made theme if you are thinking about what Magento theme will bring your store more conversions and traffic. It’s branded, responsive, unique, and can be modified any way you want it. There are out-of-the-box solutions that have their advantages too. We’ll take a look at both before digging deeperContinue reading “Custom Magento Theme Advantages For Magento”

How to Install Magento on a Development Workstation

You’ve decided to build a Magento website. But how do you install Magento on your development workstation? First, you must purchase a web hosting plan. These plans include the space necessary to run the Magento software and a location to upload the files. Alternatively, you can download Magento from the official website. Once you’ve downloadedContinue reading “How to Install Magento on a Development Workstation”

Magento 2 HelpDesk – Improve Your Customer Experience With the HelpDesk MX Extension

The Help Desk extension for Magento is a powerful and comprehensive customer support system that allows you to handle every aspect of your customers’ experience. This module provides a ticketing system that can be tailored to your specific needs and can assign tickets to a specific agent, or a department. You can even customize yourContinue reading “Magento 2 HelpDesk – Improve Your Customer Experience With the HelpDesk MX Extension”

How to Find a Good Magento Developer

Hiring a good Magento developer is crucial for a successful online business. It takes a skilled individual with a strong technical background to develop a high-quality website. A good Magento developer can work on a wide variety of projects and can be hired at an hourly rate or on a fixed fee basis. The rightContinue reading “How to Find a Good Magento Developer”

Magento 2 Support Ticket Extension

The Magento 2 support ticket extension is an advanced customer service module for your online store. It can handle unlimited number of tickets and allows you to assign a specific agent to each. The Help Desk extension allows you to create a chat area and assign various ticket types to different departments. You can alsoContinue reading “Magento 2 Support Ticket Extension”